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The act of chance

7-10 PM



Dates: 06/09 - 06/28

Total Duration:

Thursdays 6pm-whenever

Saturdays, 09:00am - 1:00pm

Sundays, 09:00am - 1:00pm

The string series is a combination of chance, experimentation, and reinventing one’s space around them. My goal was to take my art into the third dimension and off of a piece of paper or a canvas where the audience could interact with the space around them, walk through it, touch it, and to visualize it. The string represents life in its limitless possibilities where ties and random events will connect anything and everything. However, chance comes in to play with this specific piece because of the location as well as the throwing of the string. Wherever the yarn ball landed, that’s where the string would go and stay. The string series will only be a part of my upcoming senior seminar where I decided to focus on chance; meaning that a work of art would stem from an unknown and either limiting or free standard. The idea of chance was inspired by the Surrealist methods of creating art with their exercises/games: exquisite corpses, automatic drawing, and telephone. Due to these games the Surrealists played they were able to make a work of art without a pre-existing notion or plan.


Therefore, my goal was not only to create a space intended for the audience, but as well as embody the act of chance through a physical form.

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