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UpFall, an SXU Art Station in Beverly Hills, Chicago


• 1767 95th Street, across from the Metra Train Station •

UpFall is an SXU art experiment.


It was created to merge the talents of Saint Xavier University faculty, staff, students and alumni in the act of creating public art exhibitions. We have received a rent-free storefront for our experiment through the generous sponsorship of Betsy and  Quentin Green with Lincoln Park Homes. 


We intend to bring a new art exhibit every 2 weeks, displaying these works on Saturday and Sunday mornings in a gallery environment. On Thursdays, we host an open-to-the-public creative exercise at UpFall called "The Time and Place," where individual creation, team-based projects, and new methods are encouraged and directed.


Parking is best across the street at the train station, but can be found along side streets as well.

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